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February 12, 2006


jojothewhere the hell is the real contrary?girl

Contrar'- what about our pact? The one where we never say nice shit to each other? You know I'm a puss at heart and am allergic to true confessions of your appreciation (it makes my nose run and my eyes water). I will not respond by telling everyone how you've literally helped saved my sanity and my life before. I won't tell them how I have trusted you to assure the safety of my heartbeat (read:my son). I won't do that. I also won't mention how being your cousin has been great and entertaining. However, being one of my best friends... has meant the world to me. I also won't tell everyone that you aren't so fuckin' contrary... you just want to be. At heart you're one of the most loving people anyone could ever know. Especially if they are lucky enough to call you Mommy. Your sense of humor... has brought me out of many "funks". See? I won't tell those things... cause I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable or nuttin. And, by the way, my Mom... did everything for me.. I was her exhistence being an only child to her single Mom world. I love the old lady and I sort of her owe one (or many). Contrar'- I am blessed in life. And I count YOU as one of my blessings. "I love ya man"!

Now, aren't you glad I didn't tell everyone all that?


Stay away from the Mongolian Beef. That is my only bit of useful advice today.


Despite her promise to kill someone if she didn't get some shrimp egg foo yong, I have to report that our Chinese buffet was free of bloodshed, even though they were out of the SEFY.

Shame. Would have made for lively lunchtime entertainment.

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