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February 16, 2006



MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm.....Doughnuts. Although I am not working in the capacity of civilian law enforcement, the connection is easily made by our military community that yes, infact the MP's are just as drawn to the smell of Coffee and Doughnuts....mmmmm..sorry..got off track there....where were we? So....the stereotype aint goin no where....if the donut places would make us pay for it, we wouldnt go there as often....it wouldnt be cost effective for us.


The other day at Dunkin' Donuts? There were three cop cars outside. I kept driving because if I had gone in I might have laughed and that would not have been good.

Or there could have been a crime there, and in that case I wouldn't want to be there either.


But the uniform DOES make them look hippy.

You'd only be telling the truth. Who gets killed for telling the truth...


That was a rhetorical question. of course.


The very best donut jokes are told by my friends on the forum over at policemag.com.

Maybe they only like donut jokes when they're told by cops top cops (and various non-cop LEOs like me).

Oh, and Contrary is serious about the big blog news. It's very exciting! Y'all stay tuned, y'heah? (Oops. Was that a cop joke?)

Jess R

Sweet bagels...hehehe! Wow, what a blowhard.


Wow. Who knew they could be so cranky?

What about scones? Can you make a joke about scones around them, or does their lack of humor extend to all baked goods?


Hello, I'm Contrary's Army son and I just managed to woo a rather large technician into wiring me up with DSL, so I'll be posting regularly here hopefully. Just wanted to say hi *note my mom is threatening to fly across the country to force me to post* and wish everyone a happy anything, I'm glad you all find my mom as amusing as I do and I hope you enjoy anything I may post...or not..yeah that works.

Scouts Out.


but theu seem to like them so much in the movies. is he saying the film industry has some adgenda?


Donut post jinx!


Man, I don't know about y'all, but I could go for some doughnuts.

Jenny, no fair callin jinx! Because I said so. So there.

Anal  Tranny

ehh... really like this post ))

Hentais Japane

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