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February 14, 2006



The best things are always unplanned.


Awwww, that's so sweet! We just exchanged cards and watched "Saw 2." How romantic, right?

Joel the eldest

Ok Ok My sister calls and asks why I haven't read or commented on her blog. here it is , I am a guy, we are all very self involved. I honestly believe that the telephone is the best way to conduct a personal conversation.On the other hand - my sister writes like she talks and thinks, is very funny and I look forward (when i remember)to reading every posting! KEEP REMINDING ME!
Love ya Bye!


What a wonderful day to celebrate for your entire family.

Glad it was a good one!


Happy Anniversary!

And, uh...Happy Conception?

Really, they need to make a Hallmark card for this sort of thing.


Hallmark, Schmallmark. WE need to makea card for this sort of thing! We could make billions! Or maybe I'm just sleepy.


I am gonna frickin hurl...it is way too much for my senses.....lovey dovey.....oh baby.....anyways.....i guess we aint gonna change things anytime soon....

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