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February 20, 2006



Yeah, I'd say she's insane. 12 is the first part of insanity, and then the fact that she's going to be 80 when her kid turns 18 (if she even makes it that long). Poor kid.


I was all like "Did she do this for an infertile child?"

Which seemed the only reason to do this. Have the baby and Give it away.

Jess R

People are nuts, man.



Oh my gosh...I saw this story yesterday. Freaky, huh??



Did you also read the part where it says she has been blind since birth?

I guess it's a understatement to say she has her hands full.


best part: "I don't love nothin' that much. I wouldn't have 12 donuts and y'all know how I feel about donuts."

Now I know your litmus test for love.


Oh fuck. I'm pro-large-family, but damn ...

People doing stuff like this for men. I dunno. Scary trend. I love Evil Genius Husband and all, but if I'd met him at age 57 instead of 37?

Say it with me: "Oh HAYell no"!


PS, your blog rocks, chickie. Glad I found you.


I saw that on the news. Holy crap. Someone asked me if I was going to have any more kids not long ago. I told them that I was 35...way to old to have a fourth child. Little did I know!

Better her than me!

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