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February 07, 2006




I'm scared. We better go to bed and hide under the covers.


how about having a dream where you are talking to your parents? I know, not that unusual. But when you know they were dead(they know this too) and you are sitting there talking to them like nothing happened. you are talking about things that happened after they died like they were there and supporting you. it is really freaky.


Oh, man! You and Tree over at crazy-ass family are spooking the poo out of me. Must stop this bedtime reading!

(Hey, and thanks so much for the shout-out! Most kind of you.)


Oh,yes, I do believe in spirits, ghost and such, in fact I plan to hand around a bit after Im gone just so I can say "I told you so" when Contary's middle finger falls off from over use( I noticed this is a family aflection that happens alot when two or more siblings gather).


Sorry, someone like me hit the wrong key and it posted before I was ready. as I was saying...
The ribbon episode happen as our boss was passing by and the ribbons sort of followed him, we all sat there and held it in till he was out of the room.
I had a old house we were restoring it was built in 1840 so you know its got to be full of alot of stories.On day I was cooking and reached for the margerine on the counter, it wasn't there.Looked all over, even in the oven,no butter anywhere, had to sent to the store for more so I could finish cooking
Abouth a month later I was taking clean clothes to thier respective owners room, I felt very kind that day and I thought I would put them away for the teens in the house, they usually just kept them in a not so neat pile wherever I left them, so I pulled open the top drawer of my eldest dresser to put up his socks, HUH! empty drawer except for a cold tub of half used margarine! Ok, well, maybe he was sneaking food in his room ? I asked him,why the butter in the drawer? He replied"Mom I can't even open that drawer Its been stuck shut for months..
There were more but I'll save them for my book"THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PM, AND OTHER SPOOKY STUFF"
Have fun, love ya.


Finally...A post with substance. Although it is quite obvious that Contrary's creative juices have eroded the very fabric that all great blogs are woven with. Originality!!! She has taken anothers idea. I understand it. I am sure my view on the matter will ensure she posts a response. I know that she will be able to articulate just how much that she wants me to bite it. I know you are flippin me off right now too sis....I figured u wanted me to spice things up....so...how was your day?


Oh yeah...before I forget..there is no such thing as ghosts or spirits...there is an explanation.....for everything......so whats up now......boogie boogie.boogie...scare ya? Yeah ....thats what I thought!!!


An explanation for everything, huh? Well, let's have it Mr. Scientist Man! Explain your little heart out.


Thanks for the comment; glad I found you.


He no scientist...he my brudda.....he funny guy.....he know evvy thing. so solly challie.


i believe, i believe... the whole idea of unsettled souls... freaking punks me out. It's soooo creepy to me... It is WHY I haven't even responded to this blog entry. So now.. I've invited the evil into my head. Oh the horror dreams.. I shall call my cousin Contrary tonight... when I wake with palpitations, sweating, jerking my body into a sitting (knees to chest) position and panicking...

*now distracted with thoughts of things I fear*

Oh yeah.. things I am scared of.. GHOSTS! Snakes! Snakes! The thought of my son growing up without me to protect him from the evil in this world. *and this, folks, is why I eat right & work out* Oh yeah.... did I mention snakes? I have one of those abnormal phobia things... I'll probably have a nightmare tonight because I've thought about them so late. I, literally, can NOT even go into the snake house at the Zoo.... Hell to the NO power!!! This makes me the "butt" (shut up Contrar') of many of my 8yr old son's jokes. He even tricked me a couple of weeks ago while we were on a walk. It was a stick.. and the kid giggled the next half mile. Then laughed, said "relax Mom... it's a stick!" Then he picks it up and says "You imposter!", tosses it into the woods. Maybe he protects me from the evil in this world.

In my mind I know snakes are JUST snakes and don't ALL want to bite me and in my heart, I know it is God protecting my son from evil... and my reason for existence is to care for & guide the boy. Sorry to get all "holy moly" on you...

Love you Contrar' ... what do you fear?


I fear nothing! But if I see a spider, I'm gonna kill the little fucker.

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