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January 24, 2006



They sitll have McRibs? We don't have them out here. Thank goodness.

I don't watch Oprah, but we happened to see Neil singing as we flipped through the channels. I also commented to the hubby that he's looking good. Although I'm PRETTY sure he's had some work done!


I have the distinct feeling that no matter what we talk about...it all comes back to something dirty...like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon...anyways, I will give a no nasty bastard guarantee...as long as all parties involved agree hereto, forthwith, to wit...yada yada yada...

I am on the edge of my seat, waitin to hear what happens with the politicians.....it sounds exciting.....really....who am I kidding....wants to hear about Contrary's face in the gelled liquid (no need for trademark).

McRibs...what part of the McCow does that come from??
I have never eatin one....but you can bet that the next time I am in or around Nash...I am gonna throw one down my throat....and pay Contrary a visit....wants to see Contrary....McYark all over the place.
Neil Diamond is not hot..I am sayin this because I have taken a poll...I have no vested interest in whether or not he is elderly hot. Now....Harrison Ford...ooops...wrong blog.
BTW...thanks sis...for numbering your random thoughts...that just occurred to me....


jello is not gelled liquid. ever notice how if you leave hamburger grease to sit, it gels? coincidence? i think (and know) not. that crap is nasty as hell and there is never room for jello. i don't care what Dr William H. Cosby, Jr., D ED says. it is completely nasty and i will never eat it again.


she said nothing "nasty", not disgusting.


ummm.. McRibs-I've never tried one... will die havin never tried one.

ummm.. Oprah is cool... when Tom Cruise isn't couch dancing on there. I don't watch LOOK for her show (or TiVo).. but will if it's something I'm interested in.

ummm..Neil Diamond-who am i to judge who's elderly hot? I adore Eastwood and I adore Steve Tyler from Aerosmith (saw him in concert and up close, he looks like a burn victim.. skin is shot to hell).. but the talent alone... I'd share my jello with him.

Jello.. will NOT be on the menu at the Countreeee Club dear. You may fall asleep in your Peach-Brandy Flan. (like that? how i act like i frequent them ALL the time?)

Contrar'- my husband came home with a present fer me today. he got me my very own minnow bucket and a new plastic cricket bucket so I don't chip a nail diggin fer the lil bastards. (the other had wire and was dangerous to a fresh manicure) Nothing says redneck like that. He loves me special (or he's tired of me askin him to pass me the bucketfrom the front of the boat, to the back... ).


No Jello? NO JELLO? Fuck it, I'm not going if I can't have Jello.


*love it when she stands up for what is "right"*


I would so do Steven Tyler...in a second! Mick Jagger too. Hell, those lips can't be all bad! Neil Diamond? Yeah, elderly hott pretty much describes it. I lurve his singing though...


My eyesight is either goin to shit or there is talk of actual women "doin" ancient rock stars who need carbon dating to figure out how old they actually are. I would rather eat Peach-Brandy Flan with Pookie(You is so hi fah-lootin Pookie, visitin that club as often as you do)and Contrary. jojo is redneck couture....with her fancy nails and fishin buckets...thats a sight to see.....


Charlie, is Peach Brandy Flan the name of a stripper down there in Baton Rouge? (Oooh, that was kinda dirty. Y'all pretend you didn't see that)


Now....Contrary....If you thought for a minute that I would share Peach Brandy Flan with Pookie and yourself if she was a stripper, you are off your rocker...pookie maybe...but not you. Ewwwww.....now clean it up a lil bit nasty woman.

Oops, I did it again!

Um. Yikes. I didn't see that you were also going to consume (no, that sounds dirty too), err..masticate (oh Lord, that *really* sounds dirty), umm... eat Peach Brandy Flan with *me*. So I took dirty to a whole new level there. Damnit.

It's gonna be really hard to blame future nastiness on y'all if I keep this up.


Charlie- So ya know... I bait my own hook and remove my own fish from it. Oh Yeah baby- First classs all the way- nice nails and not afraid to get my hands dirty.

I want it noted that it was not *I* that made the nasty girl comments. contrar'- I'm apalled (yet not so surprised) at your behavior! *snort* but since the door was opened...

I recall the last time I frequented a strip club [read:dive] (with my husband, i might add)... I ran into a brother of yours, and yours, and yours, and yours. It was a creepy feeling to be in the middle of tippin' the hot lil hoochie (well, she HAD wiggled it so well) and to hear a familiar voice say,"Hey Jo Ellen". Shivers & chills, I tell ya... shivers and chills. HA!


was it me or was it not me?


Well, It wasn't me. I would have made a major deal out of it. What a boner killer, having your cousin "holler" at the strip joint (read Eloquent Gentlemans Club). I also feel the need to stand up for the young lady jojo has referreed to as a hot lil hootchie. I am sure that she is just there to earn money to pay for college as she has aspirations of becoming a businessperson/lawyer/doctor/professional. So, please refrain from making such broad generalizations about the entertainment providers and their "lifestyle".....BTW...What exactly was that hootchie wigglin....and...how much did she get tipped? Details jojo.....details!!!!


Well.. it was NOT Andy... it was NOT Charlie...


Charlie: ummm it was no "boner killer" for me... for I have no bone. Trust me on this one.


Geez, it must be time for a new post when y'all are discussing your boners, or lack thereof.


I hang my head in shame, I have eaten a few mcRibs-- I did however destroy all evidence after, I also have (this is hard to say) dialup at the house.Ok, Im bad but Im trying to reform.Country Club, been there done that and I found it BORING!! and most Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs think Pet grooming is interesting, and they ask the same stupid things the trash man asks,Have you ever got bit?Oh yes ,elderly Hott is good, mainly because Im so close to being thought of in that term(elderly, not hott)John Wayne was James Garner, and many others. Give up, your family cannot make a post that is atleast a bit nasty,DNA and all, you know..Why do you think I Love you, because you can say what I can only think, I aint got the nerve to say it.(my mom would come down and strike me stupid) Jojo-- a plastic minnow bucket! wow, I thought I was the only one that got things like that , see I married a redneck too.


:) PM- you see.. he's a romantic redneck... last week it was roses. He'd be a keeper! He don't beat me or nuttin' {well.. he does spank, but it's quite consensual}. and yes Ma'am... it is the DNA thing. We {this family} can't help ourselves, but say what we think. It use to get our parents in trouble, I think our generation learned from that and learned to, well..."organize" it better.

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