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January 14, 2006



ummmm..... congratulations(i think??????!!!!!!!!)


all kidding aside. congrats on the nomination and i hope your store wins it. on the dinner thing, make the congressman pay for it.


well.. (although I am one of the less worldly people you'll ever know....lol).. i have been in a a few Country Clubs. Prepare yourself... to be underimpressed. You will find saw dust on the floor... and you better learn to line dance... i suggest you wear boots with your jeans. Aaawwww hell.. Contrary... you been to a Country Club with me as i recall. This IS what you mean, huh? By... country club... *shrug*

Seriously... congrats on your nomination and enjoy dinner with the congressman...

Oh..... and as for the "family reunions" comment... HA! Member those Contrary? Member? Our family reunions when we was kids...? Member? HA!


I am really proud of you, congratulations! lots of love! BYE


you know that in our family reunions you were always assigned someone in your weight class to have a fight with, oh how sad but oh so true!


Now Joel.... you KNOW full well there was never the mention of the word "class" at our family reunions........




Contrary's being humble. We're really having dinner with two congressmen, one from each side of the state line.


I think you should bring a big envelope with the Word "BRIBE" written in big bold letters. Lay that on the table and walk away.

That'd be funny..


Dawn, I'm shocked. I would never bribe someone. I mean, really!

Ok, now that I've got some believable deniability goin on, how much do you think I should put in there?

Oh, you meant an empty envelope? As a joke?

I knew that! I was just joshin' ya! Ha. Ha. Ahem.


I say a couple of business cards with your blog address on it - wait, do congressmen have a sense of humor?


marshaTM, even if they don't have a sense of humor, they'll have to laugh at all my jokes to be polite. Like a captive, polite audience. It'll be great!


Congratulations on your nomination. As far as family gatherings were concerned. I remember alot of big women in moo moo's who all thought they were right about whatever was bein discussed. I also remember a lot of cousins...who all had the same hair style, clothes fashion (not by choice), and somehow everyone always had a good time...unless I was too young and dumb to realize what was really goin on...
Go Groomers! Go Groomers! It's your Birthday! Sorry....had a premature celebratory moment for my lil sis.....


Thanks Charlie! We're actually pretty excited about it. It may be lame but it's (maybe) ours!

Oh, and don't get me wrong about our family reunions, I always had the best time. The food was always good, there was always a cute cousin to flirt with (what?), and the drama was great fun as well.


We had cute cousins? huh?... JUST kidding... actually.. I did my share of teasing older cute cousins. I'm sure they were highly flattered by their younger, way annoying, baby cousin's attention. Right, Charlie?
Family reunions were fun... and we younger girls envied the older ones (the ones all dressed alike)... who knew how things would turn out?


Jo said 'and we younger girls envied the older ones (the ones all dressed alike)... who knew how things would turn out?'

Oh man, no kidding. I won't go into details, but boy, oh boy am I glad we weren't them.

Hey, short stuff, call me later about that blog stuff and let's get it rolling. Seriously!


considering jojo was one of the cute younger cousins(so was contrary but can't make that remark about my sis). I think i speak for all of the SANE male cousins: thank god the young ones turned out good.


Did I miss Delurking Week? Did I? Can I limbo through under the wire?

I have never known a Groomer of the Year Candidate! Up with flea combs and oatmeal baths and nail clips! Groomers do not come up often enough in conversation, really. Congrats! What does the trophy look like?

(And hey, thanks for saying hi over at b'eaw.)


Jenn, no need to limbo, you're welcome anytime. Though, if you just *want* to limbo, have at it. I'll totally make you drinks with umbrellas in them and provide chiropractic care afterwards. (us groomer of the year candidates have connections, you know!)

So glad to see you back in cyberspace where you belong!


Groomer of the Year. I am quite possibly the luckiest man I know besides Pookie, cuz he is married to her, because my sis (and her cohorts) are up for GOY...I am assuming these things go by Fiscal Year..so...GOY FY06....what are the odds...anyways...no more family get together discussion....I believe the statute of limitations hasnt run out on that time period. So....IXNAY on the UZINCAY stuff.....jojo...talkin to you on this one....


ohhhhhhh ArlieChaaa-
I merely admitted to "flirting" with cousins... and yoose know dayem good and well.. taint nuttin illegal bout kin love in da south.

Reminds me of that joke.. *grin* The hillbilly bride came back home to her Paw the night of her honeymoon.... he asked, "Gal, whatcha doin back 'ere?" She replied, "Paw I was a virgin... Billy Bob says iffen I ain't good 'nough fer my own family... I ain't good enough fer his". *inkwa atna ArlieCha*


Why is it that jojo and Charlie are reminding me of a certain scene from Joe Dirt?


Uh....yeah....well....see what had happened was...I harken back to the Iran-Contra hearings.....I do not recall.....I have no reccollection. I may need some cleansing after reading this blog.....

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