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January 11, 2006



been there in retail. even went so far as rat out my department manager to the assistant vice president of the region for being rude and not allowing breaks. i no longer work there(major blessing(would i really wanna work for K-mart, even though it is Sears Holdings). He stills works there a a manager who is rude every time i go in to the store i worked at.


I have worked at the same place for 15years (contrary knows this, but i'm a nurse)...been through many managers and management styles. Here's what I've found through self growth and experience. I don't have to like everything my boss says... don't even have to approve of the way they say it. As long as I KNOW where they stand on WHAT issue. I do ask I not be "called out" in front of coworkers (as Contrary was). However, the WORST supervisor is the one who you have no idea what they think. My first one was quite verbal with her dislikes and I HATED it... at the time. Her replacement... we shall call her Evil Bitch From Hell (EBFH fer short)... was the opposite.. she didn't "confront" you, but talked about you with staff, conived, certainly played favorites and held long term grudges. You see.. I pissed her off. Well.. she went first and for the first time in 10years, I went to adminitstration with a complaint. EBFH hated kids... she claimed those of use WITH them got extra days off. (well.. EBFH, if spending all day without pay, paying for and waiting around a doctor's office and drug store with a sick whiney-ass kid seems like a fuckin privledge.. then i was a lucky bitch a few times a year) The REASON i turned in EBFH, however, was about a fellow employee. You see.. the girl's mother was dying in the unit during the workday-literally.. and the girl's sister owed EBFH money. SO... EBFH made a phone call.. to her lawyer.. at the front desk... to see about having the sister served at the funeral. Or possibly putting a lein on any estate the sister was about to inherit. The mother was a patient dying at OUR hospital. I was OUTRAGED. I told her what a chickenshit thing I'd just witnessed her do and that of all her stunts, she had just topped her own evilness. SO yeah.. EBFH hated my ass after that. Feeling was mutual... but she knew a couple of things about me. You will know where I stand. I have enough tact to let you know without a scene. I don't intimidate easily. Don't fuck with my friends or our patients. She is no longer the boss and when i see her on occassion, I'm not sure who's smile is more forced... mine or hers. So, there ya go Contrary... that's my evil boss story. You see... EBFH has no heart, no religion... was an agnostic. Fuck her feed her fish heads.
On a positive note.. was HEAVEN to see all of you this weekend. Love and miss you.


I bow to your superior ability not to rip that bitch a new one. i would have dressed her down in front of everyone INCLUDING her family and made sure that it never happened again


Jo: Was heaven for us also. The whole weekend was like a gift. A gift we NEEDED!!


RaggedyAndy: I think that possibly you meant to comment on another post. No one needed dressing down in this post. But thanks for the support! I assume you're referring to the racist beeyotch incident and while dressing someone down is certainly fun, it would have been inappropriate for me to do so. Impossible for me to do so and keep my job.


actually to the nurse(EBFH), but i will be more careful on how i address a subject and with what i say.


RaggedyAndy: Yeah,I'm a dumbass. Pookie pointed out to me not a half hour ago what you meant and who you were addressing. Sorry bout that!

If you want to leave a comment in response to another comment (as opposed to the post) just put the commenter's name first. Then I'll know it (and not make an ass of myself) and they'll know it too.

Oh, by the way, you left the 200th comment! Yay! Cool!


Ohhhhhhh, Contrary... Please,please promise you will still make an ass of yourself on occassion... please. It's why I check your blog daily. It's my sunshine on otherwise rainy days.
*insert evil meniacal giggle*

Raggady Andy: I would have not "dressed her down". It would have made me just as wrong. It can be summed up in the "two wrongs don't make a right" adage. I've never snapped at someone or "reacted" poorly nd felt good about it. I have done it and given a genuine apology, however. I even refrain from verbally assaulting Satan (the exprick). And that has not always been easy... I pray about it. It's my faith that keeps me polite in his presence (that and our son being in our company)... and the thought of my soul burning in eternal damnation that keeps him alive. *insert that evil meniacal giggle shit again*
You see,.. just like EBFH, he needs Jesus.
RaggedyAndy-Comment away cuz!!!


jojo: that explains why you have been at your job for 15 yrs and i mine for 8 months. i guess women are really the stronger sex. men have absolutey no self control when it comes to their feelings and even less when it comes to their mouth.

oh and btw i inserted "evil maniacal giggle" before i read your comment. i do at least admit that sometimes i say stuff that i should not say even though i feel it should be said(i think they call that testosterone). keep up the funny blogs and sometimes even funnier comments


I disagree with you on that. I think women have WAY less self control. Early in my career (and prior to my hystericalectomy and husbandectomy)... when I was confronted with a problem.. well, it was not pretty to see me angry. But,... as my life improved (hence i got rid of the afore mentioned useless organs).. I learned that small things are just that.. SMALL things and not worth my energy. In general I became way more laid back... my coworkers who knew me then and now.. joke about how I am "jo-light" now. Because when something arises they cringe and wait, but I usually smile and just deal with it, rather then rant and tantrum like i use to. (by the way.. the useless organs (uterus & the ex) .. are both responsible for giving me two beautiful boys, so it ain't all bad folks!)

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