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January 30, 2006



at the risk of channeling contrary's rage through a computer modem, phone line, computer modem and to my monitor, what do you say to a woman who is turniing @#? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! your not elderly yet but your getting there.Really I don't think you'll ever be old,your too CONTARY!!
This is what its like to get old, I have maybe hundreds of really funny jokes in my head somewhere, but I CRS!! Love ya much,have a great Birthday.


It's fun trying to type with a sleeping Pile O' Puppies on your feet.

Speaking of jokes, did I tell you the one about the lady who got old?







What, you want me to tell it again?

Happy birthday, my love! *smooooch*



Bob bought a $1000 rooster (named "Kenny") at the Farmer's Market. The man selling Kenny assured Bob that Kenny could "service" as many hens as Bob could provide. Money back guarantee! Bob takes Kenny the rooster home... sure enough.. Kenny services ALL the hens in Bob's chicken house. Poor Kenny is tuckered out, so Bob says "Kenny... be careful.. you're gonna screw yourself to death!". That evening Bob is eating supper and hears a ruckus outside,... he goes out there and Kenny has gotten loose and chased down all the pheasants in the nearby field... "servicing" them to the point of exhaustion... Bob says..."Kenny... be careful.. you're gonna screw yourself to death!". Bob locks Kenny up once again...Bob himself tired from chasing the virile rooster. The next morning, Bob looks out the window at breakfast... There lays Kenny.. with buzzards circling overhead. Bob runs to the rooster... "Damn it Kenny, I warned you, you done gone and screwed yourself TO DEATH!" Kenny raises one eyelid, looks at Bob, says,"Shhhhhhhh... they're gettin' closer". :) My favorite joke. Happy, Happy Birthday.

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