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January 19, 2006



I am sorry you're sick. It is shitty to be sick.


The really bad part is that I can't get her in to see the doctor. Our clinic says we have to contact patient accounts first; patient accounts does not answer the phone nor return messages.

Last time this happened, I left a message with the first call. When I finally got a person to answer the phone two days later, she told me that it was a mistake, our account shouldn't have been flagged. I even offered to make a payment if needed, and she said we owed nothing but our co-pay.

Now, three weeks later, we're apparently flagged as a bad debt again.


Oh, and last time, someone at patient accounts responded to my message a day AFTER I'd cleared everything up and seen the doctor.

Grrrrrrr! x 2


Hope you feel better - just look at it as a valid excuse to lay on the couch and let your husband tend to your every need.


You're sick? Well, try to get better soon.


Movies I love-

1. The Jerk- I knew it would be an alltime fav after the line... " I was born a poor black child"

2. The Green MIle- I'm allergic to that movie... makes my eyes water somethin' bad.

3. Life- "I'm gonna eat my conebread!" nough said.

4. Diary of a mad black woman.... if you've EVER been done wrong by a man... get yourself a bowl of Haagan Daaz, a best girlfriend, some Kleenex, and pop this one in the DVD player.

5. Anything with Eastwood.
LOVE Clint... looks mean enough to whip my ass and sexy enough that I'd dare him to whip my ass *HA!*

and I am a closet Grease fan... know every song...remember every line. It's such a teen girl movie.. but to this day,... *sigh* I get all excited to have caught it on cable.. and find I can't change the channel.

As for books...

THE Book of all books is what I read most...or children's versions..lol.
The Bible.

Always loved "A tree grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith.

Currently reading "The Power of a Praying Parent" by Stormie Omartian.
I've also read "The Power of a Praying Wife" by her.

As for "making out" with the authors... no thanks... you KNOW those pictures on the jackets are airbrushed glamour pictures.

Contrary- get some rest and drink lots of fluid. I know, I know... not NEW advice. It's what i got though.


you are one of the few people I've read to ever mention Nobody's Fool. One of my favorite movies ever.


First off, Dawn, marshTm and Isabel, y'all are just sweet. I didn't expect anyone to even notice my throwaway comment that I was sick (for some reason I get the feeling that people rarely make it to the end of one of my posts. Hmm.), but y'all did and I appreciate it.
Made me smile when I didn't much feel like smiling. So, thank you all.

Jo, put down the Grease DVD and back away slowly!

Jen, I always think of Nobody's Fool as my own private movie that no one knows about because nobody DOES. I love that it's one of your favorites too.
It's crazy that it has such big names in it and nobody's seen the damned thing.


Oh, Contrar'- hmmmmmm I mentioned you being sick as well. Perhaps you're right... *sigh*.. people don't read a post to the end. I must go.. for now the keyboard is becoming damp with my pseudo-tears. *sniff*


Jo, yeah but you already knew I was sick cause I already whined to you ON THE PHONE. Sheesh.

But you did mention it and even dispensed some of that invaluable medical advice, so thanks! Buttmunch!


You know I like for you to pull my hair when you call me names.


Wow, I just threw up in my mouth a little when you said that, Jo.


no comment.


my work here is done then. :)


i must say how proud i am that the humor of the willis clan is still alive and kicking(in the nads) so it will be there for generations to come.


If there's too much nad-kicking, there won't be any future generations!




As it is my personal belief that any talk of nad kicking is accompanied by a gawd awhfull ghost feelin that it is actually happening to to one's self....or even just reading the words together gives the samn effect...i cannot read this blog with out goin away with some testicular discomfort....so stop F'ing around...no more nad...oops almost broke my own rule. Ok....what else? Movies...Books.....

Forrest Gump.....dear lord make me a bird...so I can fly far far away.....maybe not the best movie ever....but there is no such thing as the best ever...
Books.....I am a product of my environment....military/law/true crime stuff....I will not be admitting to the desire to make out with John Grisham....even though he dont live too far from me...(flamboyant "HEY!!!")
I have to end this with...I am currently trying not hurl after I read the..."pull my hair when u call me names..."
Come on contrary, jojo....it's pretty when its done right...but not ya'll...
(shudders violently)ewwwww.....oh yeah...hope ya feel better!


I've managed to nauseate THREE cousins? Is it Christmas again already?


Love everyone of you...


alright here's my list, I won't get into the kicking thing All the males in my family don't have anything to kick!
1.The Quiet Man..Irish brough turns me on and John Wayne was a hottie when he was young.
2.I love all those Tom &Meg ones too, best chick flicks.
3.oh, yes NELL,because I watched South Park once And Im still trying to recover brain cells, you know what I mean Contary?
4. Ice Age 1&2 , I have grandkids and I have to, so I might as well like it, anyway Ray Whatshis face makes a really good mastadon..
1. Im with you on the John Grisham affair,Charlie , If you corner him let me know!
2 Sandra Brown , I just want some advise , anyone who wrote "Slow Heat In Heaven"has got to know some things I don't,you can't write like that without first hand experiance!
I know your feeling better, contary, because I am slow posting, this is why I don't have a blog, I would still be talking about Thanksgiving!

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